At CAPSTAN RUBBER India, we offer world class technology and raw materials, international designs and global quality standards to ensure our products meet your stringent requirements.

Colour In house 

CRI believes in ONE HAND work i.e from production to dispatching , product has to be completed by same team or else defects can occur and one of the major trophy of our work is our FINISHING DEPARTMENT

  • Rather than procuring colour from outside, we believe in making our own colour so that our customer get what he said. 
  • Keeping every safety measures of workers in mind , we do our best to meet our customer satisfaction .
  • All our soles are finished through latest technology without effecting our team health.
  • No stock colour is used again. We make fresh colour for every batch.
Cap 1

Mould Maintenance

Moulds are the children of sole industry. They need to be maintained with proper care and love. Like children they also need proper nourishment of  servicing. 

  • Our moulds get cleaned every ones in a year.
  • No mould will be kept on floor, but in rack well maintained .
  • Moulds put on servicing like repairing every now and then to ensure 100% best quality of product.


Testing gives you strength and trust of your product and services.Our in-house Lab is equipped with the latest technology testing machines. 

  • Every batch is tested before production.
  • Our testing machines are callibered by ASIAN TECHNOLOGY.


All Our Machines Are Callibered By ASIAN INFRATECH

Abrasion Tester

Flex Tester